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Product Reviews & Proprietary Medicines

Product reviews and articles on proprietary medicines are based on their ingredients described on the products. The information about indications, medicinal properties, benefits, uses, dosage, and directions to use, side effects and safety profile is based on the possible synergetic action of the product’s ingredients or as per actions of the main ingredient of the product.

Our website is not promoting any proprietary product and brand. We also do not write any sponsored reviews on any product. The information is entirely based on our interpretation of the main ingredients of the products. It is onto you to decide, which non-prescription product would be better for you. All reviews are only for analysis purposes.

Misinterpretation may also be possible. You should not rely on the interpretation about any specific products and you should consult a physician before their use.

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Safety Statements

The safety statements given on these websites for any ingredient, herb, or medicine are cited with research studies wherever possible. However, some statements are not backed up with research and clinical trials. Uncited statements are our general opinions according to mechanism of action of any herb, ingredient, or medicine. It is possible that these statements may not be accurate and require further study.

We will not be liable for any safety statement made on any page of these websites. Reliance on our safety statement is solely dependent on you and at your own risk.

Preservatives, Additives & Flavors

Some manufacturing companies add some Preservatives, Additives, and Flavors in their products, pharmaceutical preparations and foods. There may also be a controversy about their safety.

We are only reviewing herb, herbal additives, ayurvedic ingredients, and natural medicine. Our safety statements are not applicable for these preservatives, additives, and flavors or other such ingredients added by manufacturers. Please read product leaflet for the detail of such ingredients. It solely depends on you whether you want to use or avoid such products.

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