How to always stay energetic and healthy in life?

by in Ayurveda June 13, 2020

Have you ever wondered why some people are always energetic, full of life, irrespective of age and some are just lazy to do anything in life? Well I will tell you in this article why and how we can use this god gifted beautiful tool to reach life full potential.

Before I go into actual topic I would like to mention one simple example. Imagine you are an athlete in any sport and don’t use measuring parameter called time. Do you think she/he is will be able to reach her/his full potential? Off-course not.., same logic applies to the human body.

Now let’s begin by understanding what is circadian biological clock?

As per NIH (National Institute of General Medical Science) “Biological clocks are an organism’s innate timing device. They’re composed of specific molecules (proteins) that interact in cells throughout the body. Biological clocks are found in nearly every tissue and organ. Researchers have identified similar genes in people, fruit flies, mice, fungi, and several other organisms that are responsible for making the clock’s components”

As per Ayurveda for Mental, Physical & Social well being well being we should wake up when sun is just about to arise.  In modern world that is tough to follow but at least we can try sleep as early as possible post sunset so that we can get up early. And it does not cost anything but the disciple in your life.


Healthy person should get up from bed at Brahmi Muhurtha. That is, before dawn, or around 45 Minutes before Sun rise, around 5 – 6 am. Last three hours of the night – from 3 am to 6 am – is known as brahma muhurta.

Many people will have question, how it is possible to follow this routine in today’s world. Answer to this question lies with you. You just need to ask few basic questions to yourself.

  • How long you can carry an unhealthy routine?
  • What is more important to you? Business/Profession Or your Mental, Physical & Social well being?

I don’t want to influence your answer but help you to take this call by sharing few research update.

  • Timely intake of food plays critical role in endocrine system and metabolism.
  • Chrono-medicine is one of the most important upcoming themes in the field of circadian biology.
  • Efficacy of medicine can vary based on time of administration

If we daily stick to wake time as suggested above we can always stay energetic and healthy in life.


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