Top 10 uses of Giloy (Guduchi)

by in Medicinal Plants June 20, 2020

Pls. Note: This article should be used only for educational purpose, if you are suffering from any health issue, seek professional medical advice before taking any medicines or treatment. 

Giloy which is also know has Guduchi has been always dear to the Ayurved practitioner. Giloy is blessings from Ayurveda to Human kind. Properties of Guduchi are Tridoshghna. One of the important action of Guduchi is AMA (Undigested food) pachan (digestion). As per Ayurveda AMA is root cause of all diseases in human body, hence It has been used in many diseases. It is also popular in Ayurveda for improving immunity. It is one of the best Detox Medicinal Plant.

Lets see more details of this medicinal drug. 

Latin Name: Tinospora cordifolia 

Alternate Names: Guduchi, Gulvel, Amruta, Amrutvalli, Rasayani, Chakrika, Jwarai, Amrutlata etc. 

Medicine Plants Details: It grows in vel (vine/climber). Leafs are in heart shape. It also has green peas like fruit.  

Origin: It is found in all over India 

Medicinal Part: Stem and leaf. 

Guduchi is very helpful in below mentioned disease

  1. Fever
  2. Cough : Due to its VPK (Traya doshghna) it is found useful in Cough.
  3. Diabetes
  4. Liver diseases, Jaundice
  5. Pravahika (Intestinal diseases)
  6. To reduce body fat
  7. Sexual Health Diseases
  8. Anorexia, Hyperacidity ( Amlapitta)
  9. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  10. Skin Disorders

There are plenty of different medicinal preparation available as per disease condition and patient’s prakruti. Some of the home use of Guduchi is its plant oil for reducing pain and inflammation. Guduchi and Shunti decocation is used in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

To get right Medicine made from this plant please consult professional Ayurvedic Practitioner. In Ayurveda every person has different prakruti means dose, medium , medicine changes are per the Prakurti of patient. In Ayurveda for same disease different medicines are applicable based of patient prakruti. 


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